そして私は、SAMURAI BLUEの2018 FIFAワールドカップロシア大会出場の達成に向けて、私の元で戦ってくれた全ての選手、スタッフたち、また、その目標のために監督としての私の力量を信じてくださった全ての日本の皆さんに、特に感謝の弁を述べたいと思います。監督在任中、絶えず私を支えてくださった日本のサッカーファンの皆さん及び素晴らしいホスピタリティを提供してくださった日本の皆さんのことを私は一生忘れることはないでしょう。


2019年4月8日 パリにて

I undersigned, Vahid HALILHODZIC, the former coach of Japan Football National Team, took a decision to put an end to my legal procedure with the Japanese Football Association. Currently I am seriously working on my coaching job, therefore I chose to focus on my future endeavors.

I am particularly thankful to every players and staffs who fought together with me to qualify for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, and every person in Japan whom trusted my managerial skills helping the Samurai Blue reaching their goals. I will never forget the constant support of the fans and the incredible hospitality shown by Japanese people.

Furthermore, this agreement wouldn’t have been possible without a few French and Japanese precious friends and lawyers whom I will not name but shall accept my gratitude.

PARIS, April 8 2019